La page Organitronc se trouve juste en bas de Exodus, la page volare oh,oh juste en bas de New era for Belarus

Je travaille  sur deux volets essentiels :Exode et Organitronc.Cependant j'ai distingué encore trois nouvelles  thématiques bien que elles pouvait faire partie de deux volets cités:New era for Belarus ,Reds et Volare oh,oh, cantare oh,oh,oh,oh.Elles se trouvent sur les pages au menu

I work on two main themes:Exodus and Organitronc .However I added 3 more which could be part of 2 mains:New era for Belarus,Reds and Volare oh, oh, Cantare oh,oh,oh,oh.All of them are on the Pages of the menu: Organitronc is just down Exodus,please click on Exodus and Organitronc appears,the same thing is for Volare oh,oh you click on New era for Belarus and volare appears


I was born in the  URSS.And since it doesn't existe anymore I was born nowhere.That fact was determinating in my work:wild goose chases.As I were there I was suffocated by the soviet realism,moral and political line.But since I left,many years ago,I started appreciate some soviet art's expression,mainlly soviet sculpture which release the huge force and energy, seems to me intemporal,expressif,majestic.The intensity is my quest.

Interview with Itsliquid group